`Timeless, ageless and seasonless´ is
M O N D I N O´s motto. 
Born nearly 10 years ago, it was founded by Celeste Galiano, an Argentinian born in Madrid. 
Celeste has been designing professionally for over 20 years, working with large international firms. Her knowledge and experience in the fashion industry has been gained through companies such as Net-a-Porter, Alfred Dunhill, Alexander McQueen, amongst others. Her passion for design has then led her to begin on creating her own pieces of clothing, that has built up to the creation of the company, M ON D I N O.
Made in Madrid, Spain as well as using the highest quality European fabrics are key to Celeste’s craftsmanship. Using local manufacturing allows her to keep a close eye on the product development, something which is fundamental for her. 
Always looking for special and unique fabrics- in international fairs, as well as local stores and browsing for vintage jewels- that give the simple lined kaftans, their distinctiveness. 
Having a M O N D I N O in your closet is a piece of clothing aimed to be a seasonless, ageless and versatile garment that transcends generations. The one-size only kaftan is meant to be a white canvas, incentivizing each client to play with, accessorising it and styling it in their own way. Making each M O N D I N O your own piece. 
These kaftans are developed with bold, sleek, and simple patterns, produced as limited-edition pieces making them exclusive and unique. 
A M O N D I N O will make your outfit and disrupt your closet by introducing a piece that is timeless, ageless and seasonless. Allowing you to use it countless times, and eventually passing it onto the next generation.