€5.00 of each M O N D I N O piece you buy will go to AESHA, the Spanish association of AHC. 

Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) is a rare neurological disorder which affects one in a million children. This disorder manifests itself through repeated, transient attacks of hemiplegia (paralysis of a portion of the body), alternating from one side of the body to the other, or on both sides at once, and may last minutes, hours or days.

AHC symptoms range from lack of muscle tone, stiffening of extremities, lack of coordination when performing voluntary movements, eye disorders, developmental delays and seizures.

Children with AHC also demonstrate developmental problems, such as difficulties in fine and gross motor function, cognitive function, speech and language.

Currently there is no cure for AHC. However in 2012, the ATP1A3 gene was identified as a leading cause of AHC and represents approximately 76% of those affected. Ongoing research will hopefully provide a genetic identification for the remaining patients and a treatment for all. 

For more information on AHC, check out this trailer of the documentary Human Timebombs,

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